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If you're looking for your dream arrangement, you've come to the right place. We tailor everything to perfection. Just let us know the colors, style and flowers you're envisioning, or leave it to us to create a surprise floral party with the finest blooms we can get our hands on.

✿ How It Works

✿ The Cuties: Our petite $125 arrangements are super versatile and look as good by your bedside as they do on your coworker’s desk. They are sure to make your recipient’s day!

✿ The Delights: Our small $150 arrangements are real crowd pleasers and fit perfectly on your coffee table, kitchen table, friend’s apartment table..really any table would love to have them on it.

✿ The Dreamboats: Our medium $225 arrangements are the perfect multitaskers that look fabulous on your medium sized dining table, larger coffee table, at your Mom’s door, in your lover’s arms…

✿ The Heartstoppers: Our medium/large $300 arrangements are versatile beauties that look fabulous on your kitchen counter or large dining table. They are sure to impress the person in your life who has everything.

✿ The Stunners: Our large $400 arrangements are the real MVPs that extend a grand welcome to your entryway or enchant your special someone.

✿ The Knockouts: Our extra large $500+ arrangements are the pull-out-all-the-stops knock-it-out-of-the-park mind blowers.

✿ Want to spend more? Contact us and we’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true.

We currently deliver Tuesday through Friday with a day’s notice.
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For wrapped bouquets, trim the flowers at the bottom and place in lukewarm water. For vase arrangements, check the water level after a day or two and refill with lukewarm water if needed. The flowers would also love a fresh cut and fresh water after a couple of days. Some blooms live longer than others. Discard any stems that are past their prime so you can continue enjoying the rest.

Often the person isn't home, doorbells are broken, or apartment main doors are locked. A phone number helps our drivers troubleshoot if needed so we can successfully get your flowers delivered!

We buy as much locally grown product as possible. Spring through Fall we estimate that at least 75% of our flowers are grown within a few hundred miles of the Bay Area. That being said, if there are flowers native to other parts of the world that are too spectacular to resist, we will buy a small amount of them to enhance the beauty of our arrangements.

Flowers have all different lifespans. You should expect our arrangements to last about a week but we’ve heard that they often last longer. On the flip side, some blooms are spectacular show stoppers but only for a few days. We do our best to mix these with longer lasting stems so you can enjoy your bouquet as long as possible (just take those out once they’re past their prime and keep loving the rest).

The price of flowers, along with everything else, has been drastically affected by the pandemic. Our industry is still dealing with supply chain issues that are driving costs up. Many growers sadly went out of business and the ones who are hanging on deal with increased costs of water, electricity, soil, etc. Know that when you're spending your hard earned dollars with us, you are not only supporting our team but the many farmers we support.